Get the Cloud PoC for free!


Get the Cloud PoC for free!

In partnership with Google Cloud, we offer up to 3 days of service of our experienced DevOps for free until Aug 31st, 2018.

How does it work?
Day 1 - Defining the minimum viable prototype (MVP) 
  • Your input: infrastructure specification in any form; current or future. 
  • Our input: Seven years of experience in delivering and maintaining hosting and software solutions on Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Azure, backed by various certifications. 
  • Outcome: A candidate for MVP, small enough to fit the PoC, important enough to prove the value of GCP solution. 
Day 2-3 - delivery of the Minimum Viable Product 
  • Your input: your engineers / IT specialist cooperate with our team.
  • Our input: Solwit DevOps equipped with Google Cloud Platform tools, develop the solution defined in MVP.
  • Outcome: the solution deployed and working on Google Cloud Platform, available for you to explore and test. 

To play with the Google Cloud Platform environment, you get one-time $300 for one year trial, and the possibility to get the $200 voucher for extension. 

  • The process is run under strict NDA regulations, to assure confidentiality and safety standards. 
  • Where applicable, you cover Solwit's engineers travel expenses.
  • We reserve the right to qualify projects based on availability of resources. 


Contact: to get your Lift & Shift.

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