Test services

Professional test engineering team @your disposal.
Strategic, long term contribution to your customer’s experience.

Test Process Design & Improvement


  • Audit reports
  • Process specifications & recommendations
  • Product test strategy recommendations
  • Test case design
  • Knowledge transfer
  • On-going monitoring & tuning

Your benefits

  • Right testing strategy for the right product
  • Clear and transparent product development process
  • Reduced delays of product release due to quality issues
  • Control over quality @release and onwards
  • Improved economy of product development and maintenance
  • Improved your customer’s experience

Test Automation Solutions


  • Working automated test environment, linked to your continuous integration solutions
  • Custom test tools to best suit your product architecture and design
  • Right level of test case automation (specifications and code - proven in actual test cycles/campaigns)

Your benefits

  • Reliable, plug & play test environment
  • Significant test cycle/campaign time reduction (comparing to manual testing)
  • Consistent, repeatable test results
  • Fast feedback for best control over the product quality level
  • Cost reduction - Improvement of ROI in overall test process
  • Data driven decisions on product release

Product Quality Assurance


  • Test reports and quality assessments from automated and/or manual test cycles or campaigns, relative to quality criteria,
  • Detailed & structured pre-debug information/data

Your benefits

  • The detailed and trustworthy information on product quality, usability, performance & compliance
  • Your product thoroughly tested by independent team
  • Reduced cost-of-quality and time-to-market for your product line
  • Fast feedback for best control over the product quality level – easier project management
  • Maximized productivity of your product development team
  • Easy product certification (if required)
  • Reduced risk of financial and image losses, resulting from launching low quality product
  • Minimized your time/effort thanks to the self–organized and self–managed Solwit team
  • High availability and safety certificate tests (e.g. CENELEC/SIL4)

Tools and technologies

Case Studies

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