Test services

Our goal is to provide strategic, long term contribution to your customer’s experience. We design test proceses and environments, deliver testing tools, and perform test automation.

According to Computerworld TOP 200 report for 2017, we are the Poland's second supplier of test services.

Test Process Design & Improvement


  • Audit reports
  • Process specifications & recommendations
  • Product test strategy recommendations
  • Test case design
  • Knowledge transfer
  • On-going monitoring & tuning

Your benefits

  • Right testing strategy for the right product
  • Clear and transparent product development process
  • Reduced delays of product release due to quality issues
  • Control over quality @release and onwards
  • Improved economy of product development and maintenance
  • Improved your customer’s experience

Test Automation Solutions


  • Working automated test environment, linked to your continuous integration solutions
  • Custom test tools to best suit your product architecture and design
  • Right level of test case automation (specifications and code - proven in actual test cycles/campaigns)

Your benefits

  • Reliable, plug & play test environment
  • Significant test cycle/campaign time reduction (comparing to manual testing)
  • Consistent, repeatable test results
  • Fast feedback for best control over the product quality level
  • Cost reduction - Improvement of ROI in overall test process
  • Data driven decisions on product release

Product Quality Assurance


  • Test reports and quality assessments from automated and/or manual test cycles or campaigns, relative to quality criteria,
  • Detailed & structured pre-debug information/data

Your benefits

  • The detailed and trustworthy information on product quality, usability, performance & compliance
  • Your product thoroughly tested by independent team
  • Reduced cost-of-quality and time-to-market for your product line
  • Fast feedback for best control over the product quality level – easier project management
  • Maximized productivity of your product development team
  • Easy product certification (if required)
  • Reduced risk of financial and image losses, resulting from launching low quality product
  • Minimized your time/effort thanks to the self–organized and self–managed Solwit team
  • High availability and safety certificate tests (e.g. CENELEC/SIL4)

Tools and technologies

Case Studies

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