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You will work in a friendly environment, promoting a balance
of effort and rest
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Job offers

Solwit keeps growing and recruiting employees
The information on the open positions is available in Polish at

If you would like to receive the information in English, please send the request to rekrutacja@solwit.com 

5 steps to Solwit

Do you want to start your adventure at Solwit?
Sending your application is the first step.
After having your CV analised, we may want to ask you additional questions. Thus we arrange a preliminary interview by the phone.
If your experience meets our requirements, we will invite you for an interview meeting. During the meeting we will present you the project that you could be assigned to at Solwit.
You may be asked to do a task. This would help us to decide whether the project, that we need support to, fits your skills.
An Offer
If the recruitment process goes well, we will make an offer to you, and discuss details related to your work and first day at Solwit.
Do you have questions?
read FAQ
Coalition for Friendly Recruitment
We are members of coalition for friendly recruitment.
We promote good practices in recruitment and set standards in this area.
It is important for us to care for the relationship with the candidates and their experience in the process of recruitment (Candidate Experience).
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