• We are mature in terms of processes and skills, and dynamic when it comes to business problem solving. We employ nearly 200 people with broad experience in the entire product development lifecycle, to help you build innovative products and services and to maintain legacy systems. You will work with the team consisting of highly skilled engineers, experienced in international development environments.

  • We use methodologies appropriate for specific projects, depending on your industry requirements and standards. We put in practice modern approaches like Agile, Kanban, DevOps, Continuous Delivery and V-Model.

  • You will work with passionate software architects, developers and testers. We build our teams carefully, raise qualifications systematically, and offer friendly and attractive place to work, all of which helps us to maintain employee attrition rate that is much lower than the average in the ICT sector.

  • You will benefit from the experience we gained when working in top international companies. We guarantee transparent, stable, and ethical collaboration. We promote solutions, technologies, and initiatives that provide benefits for the environment.