We enable your innovation and help to solve complex industry challenges. We support your entire product lifecycle by offering design, development, comprehensive test, and maintenance services.

  • Technical Consulting
    Our expert team helps to tailor and manage the development process, select the right software technology, and prepare the development and test automation strategy. We also offer trainings to facilitate knowledge sharing.
  • Product Design
    Our software design engineers will help to architect your product with goals to optimize performance, ensure high availability, fit into the various environments. Keeping in mind the total cost of ownership, we recommend the most appropriate, up-to-date technology frameworks. 

  • Product Development
    Solwit team helps in developing software, ranging from embedded to cloud-based services or application solutions with rich front-ends (whether web-based or mobile).

  • Product Testing
    Our team helps to optimize the costs of reaching the expected quality building the right process and test environment, and developing the right test tools and automated test cases when justified by project economics.

  • Product Maintenance
    We know that the software maintenance costs can be huge. We also know how to drive them down through re-engineering and optimal sustaining process. You can benefit from letting Solwit take care of the hosting operations and DevOps activities which efficiently support high availability of your solutions to your customers

Our key technologies: