1. Time & Material

Billing for services is performed using an hourly or daily rate, this includes the direct involvement of our engineers and any materials that are purchased to complete the service. Our engineers carry out tasks using agile methodologies (mainly using the SCRUM model). The customer is involved in the planning of the project and makes up-to-date business decisions related to the project.

This model can be selected in a situation where:

  • it is difficult to define the scope, timing, and shape of the project
  • the client has the experience and competence to control the scope of the work done by consultants (based on this work model)
  • the client wants to control the workflow

2. Managed Services (SLA)

This service model is dedicated to software or infrastructure maintenance, where it is essential to the fulfill certain parameters described in the Agreement SLA, for example, the response time availability of bandwidth, the minimum number of handled incidents per unit of time or continuous operation of the system or infrastructure.

3. Fixed Price

In the Fixed Price model, the customer, at the beginning of the project, specifies the requirements, deadlines, and budget need to implement the project. The responsibility for the final result lies with the Solwit company, whose mission is to complete the project in compliance with the defined specification and in the agreed timeframe.

Fixed Price model is recommended for customers who have limited human and technical resources, necessary to manage and monitor the progress of the project.

4. Outcome Based Contracting

In this model, the implementation of the project is based on the customer defining the desired end result, without specifying how this final result is to be achieved. The customer has the benefit of precisely indicating the areas that require innovation. The contractor's task is to independently find the best solutions for customer?s requests.