1. You will create the latest technologies and continually develop your knowledge and skills

Our customers are global technology leaders. Our teams are part of processes that produce the most innovative solutions. You will use modern development and validation tools. You will acquire new skills and work with lightweight and efficient production methodologies. Always at the forefront of change, always working with the best.

2. You will be our partner in the creation of culture and achieving business goals

Solwit?s culture and achievements are created by people cooperating with each other. Everybody. We are transparent, ethical, and mature. We listen and respect different points of view. We support each other. We evaluate honestly and fairly. Your best ideas can become the company's goals. You will be our shareholder and beneficiary of our success.

3. You will work in a friendly environment, promoting a balance of effort and rest

We value people motivated and determined to achieve targets. We reward efficiency and effectiveness and a job well done. But we do not forget about the values and passions that are important to you before and after work. You will be supported in their development and the maintenance of a healthy balance between work and leisure.